February 16, 2016 Mr Digital

LinkedIN – An Underrated Social Media Platform


Quite a number of us are on LinkedIn, but are we really making use of the platform? I have personally asked a couple of social media users if they are on LinkedIn and the responses I got weren’t particularly encouraging. While some said they were there but not active, some others didn’t even know what LinkedIn was.

For those who don’t know what LinkedIn is, it is the largest professional social website in the world. So rather than meet your friends and chat about informal stuff (Facebook), or follow brands, threads and celebrities (Twitter), you can meet with your friends who are professionals. By doing so, you can share business ideas, seal contracts and even get mouth-watering JOBS!

Having said all of that, it’s very strange that we currently have less than 5 million professionals on such an amazing platform while we have over 20 million users on Facebook. There are so many things we could do with social media.

The platform gives you access to top professionals currently in your field and other industries. This is easy to achieve by just making use of keyword searches on the platform. A very interesting  feature is their CV-like profiling. Your profile is structured like an actual CV for other professionals to look at. This gives recruiters the ability to search and make selections on competent and experienced professionals just by glancing at your profile. Amazing right?

In addition to that, you get an opportunity to apply for jobs on the site. There is a job section where recruiters post job openings in their companies. Professionals can apply directly for the jobs with your LinkedIn profile as your CV. I’ve had quite a number of job offers from recruiters and they all came from LinkedIn.

For B2B’s, the possibilities are practically endless. You can reach your target audience easily. There’s also the inclusion of targeted ads where you can advertise to targeted demographics on LinkedIn. Targeting includes age, job category, seniority level etc.

In conclusion, we begin to see that most social media platforms are beginning to look-alike with introduction of similar features (hashtags, video auto-plays, like/share etc), LinkedIn is different. This is for professionals. Leave the fun and trendy stuff for Facebook and Twitter, make money on LinkedIn!

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