October 3, 2013 Digicraft.NG

Facebook Trending Topics

So, Facebook is trying really hard to initiate real-time conversations and discussions with their recent update to mobile users. Bear in mind that this feature is still in its early stages and not yet fully out on all mobile phones. A few users have been selected for testing.

Just like Twitter, Facebook plans to introduce ‘Trending Topics’ just above the news feed of mobile Facebook users. It has been barely two months since Facebook introduced the ‘clickable hashtags’, a feature for tracking stories relating to a particular keyword. In trending topics, a list of trending keywords that are being discussed often over a period of time, will be posted with embedded links that show the various discussions that contain these keywords.

This will feed the urge to run campaigns and contests on Facebook here in Nigeria, and also see how great your campaigns are by how well they trend on Facebook.

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