March 11, 2013 Digicraft.NG

Facebook Monthly Mobile Users

If you still belong to the school of thought that believes that the Social Media is still widely used for fun, we advise that you should have a re-think. Facebook has just announced yet another huge milestone in terms of mobile/desktop usage. 819 MILLION Users access Facebook via mobile phones and 1.15 BILLION users via desktop every month. This was recorded as a 51 percent increase in terms of usage from last year.

While these numbers continue to grow rapidly, the attention of Africa, and most importantly, Nigeria is drawn to this. Having the highest number of Facebook users in Africa, the amount of mobile Facebook users also continues to skyrocket, which gradually directs attention of Social Media marketers to mobile phones and smartphones. Facebook recently revealed that about 95 percent of Facebook users in Nigeria access Facebook via mobile phones and these figures are certainly expected to increase.

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