2016 Digital Trends For Brands

There obviously will be a lot of talk as regards what to expect – either as a digital entrepreneur or a brand with an eye for digital engagement. Here are our observations:

Online Monitoring: 2016 will spark the rise of online monitoring in Nigeria. As a brand, you are constantly looking to spend less and gain optimal value from campaigns. This further buttresses why online PR is very important. It’s becoming glaring that understanding what your customers say about you and where they say it solves about 50% of your brand issues. It’s an outright win. You save costs by taking out the unnecessary spends and focus on what and where will get you more conversion. Nowadays, customers do not tell you if they have an issue with your product, they tell their friends – who could also have been ‘potential customers’. Read more

Is Paid Advertising Dying?

I have had quite some people ask me about this question – Will people click on my banner ads? While it’s very easy to answer, it’s not that straight forward. Of course what comes to your mind is – if it’s quite attractive and informative, people will click. However there is a massive decline in ad clicking. It almost seems that online users (identified by contextual targeting) are not interesting in clicking on your ads. Read more

Facebook Trending Topics

So, Facebook is trying really hard to initiate real-time conversations and discussions with their recent update to mobile users. Bear in mind that this feature is still in its early stages and not yet fully out on all mobile phones. A few users have been selected for testing. Read more

How Facebook’s News feed really works

We have had lots of people asking us why a certain post did not appear at a certain time on their news feed on Facebook. Really! It can be annoying and frustrating. But Facebook doesn’t see it as such. The News Feed runs on an interesting algorithm as recently upgraded by Facebook. It was discussed at a special event at its Menlo Park, California, headquarters on Tuesday. Read more

Social Media tips for Crisis Management

Most Social Media professionals lack a very important and key aspect of Social Media; Crisis Management. The Social Media is an informal platform for bonding with fans and customers, and consequentially, bringing about increase in sales of goods and services. But Crisis Management is a dark part where most Nigerian brands and Social Media professionals have failed in. Read more

Facebook Monthly Mobile Users

If you still belong to the school of thought that believes that the Social Media is still widely used for fun, we advise that you should have a re-think. Facebook has just announced yet another huge milestone in terms of mobile/desktop usage. 819 MILLION Users access Facebook via mobile phones and 1.15 BILLION users via desktop every month. This was recorded as a 51 percent increase in terms of usage from last year. Read more

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